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Relax and chill out with us

Slow down and take a well-deserved rest in our spa, designed in a modern style with respect to the world of nature. Our sauna area features several different types of sauna rooms. The hot and cold pools are located on the outdoor deck, while the indoor quiet rooms invite peaceful relaxation. If you want more privacy, there is an enclosed area ideal for a couple or for a small group of people. This space can be booked for up to six people. When you visit, you will appreciate how the various elements of the spa result in perfect harmony.

the entire wellness area is without swimwear

+420 703 14 52 51

MON–SUN: 14:00 – 21:00
the spa closes 15 minutes before the end of operation


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types of sauna .

finnish sauna rituals .

Take your sauna experience to the next level. Join us for rituals with sugar scrubs and herbs, relax your body and mind with fragrant essences. A wooden cabin with minimal humidity and high temperature is typical for traditional Finnish saunas. At Kapka resort, we add aromatherapy to enhance your overall enjoyment.

15-20 pers.


saunerie .

In this sauna room, the temperature is lower than in traditional sauna and the humidity is higher. These conditions are suited for sauna beginners, children and for people suffering from shortness of breath and heart disease. Enjoy this “light” version of the Finnish classic and get the same benefits, including aromatherapy.

10 pers.


steam sauna .

In the steam sauna, the temperature is lower and the humidity is 100%. If you find it difficult to sit in the high temperature of a classic Finnish sauna, the steam sauna is just for you. It is great for everyone, including children and people with allergies and asthma. The combined effect of steam and aromatic oils will help you to fully relax and get the rest you need.

6-8 pers.


infrared .

Temperatures in the infrared sauna range between pleasant 30° and 50 °C. The infrared is great for rejuvenating your body at the end of a hard day or after a workout. Infrared sauna relieves stress and helps to shed discomforts in your body and other unpleasant effects of hectic lifestyle

8-10 osob


procedures and massages .

massages MON–FRI: 7:00–19:00

sports massage

Sports massage will help regenerate your body after exertion. Its fast pace and intensity speed up your metabolism, relax your body and mind and eliminate stress and fatigue.

relaxing massage

If you are tired in body or mind, a relaxing massage is a good choice. It helps to eliminate stress through slow and gentle strokes. It can strengthen your body, speed up recovery after an injury or target specific problems with your musculoskeletal system.

Dorn method

The Dorn Method is a simple exercise that you do together with the therapist. Your joints and vertebrae are gradually aligned through gentle manual work and movement. As your joints or spine slowly return to their correct position, your discomfort should go away.


If you are interested in other ways to release stress and tension, ask us about kinesiotaping, foss band treatment, head massage, AromaTouch technique, Chinese medicine or Bohéme Collection facials. Chinese medicine treatment must be booked in advance.


AromaTouch technique takes gentle care of your body and mind. The treatment is based on Chinese medicine, when essential oils are slowly applied to five different areas of your body – on your back, your neck, head and the soles of your feet. Eight specific essential oils gradually melt away stress, boost your immunity, balance your autonomic nervous system, reduce inflammation and aid body detoxification.

lymphatic drainage

Gentle massage of the lymph nodes reduces swelling, helps to reduce cellulite, speeds up recovery after exercise, restores and boosts lymphatic circulation and helps to flush harmful substances away from your body.

cupping therapy

At Kapka resort we use cupping therapy to warm up painful spots and to boost your circulation, so that your body flushes out toxins more easily and that pain is relieved.


The word “maderoterapia” itself is a combination of the Spanish word for wood “madera” and the word “therapy” – treatment, healing. Each treatment begins with a relaxing massage or preparation of the skin and tissues. It continues with the application of massage oil along with essential oils. The massage is done with fast, dynamic strokes using wooden rollers and going over all problematic parts of the body with a higher percentage of subcutaneous fat and cellulite such as buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, arms and back.

private spa .

If having the spa to yourself sounds attractive, you can book one of our two private spas. They accommodate 2-6 people and can be booked for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, parties with friends or bachelor events. Our private spa features a whirlpool, a shower and a traditional Finnish sauna room along with a lounge with refreshments. You will also be able to use all the other sections of the spa. The private spa package includes a jug of water and two glasses of prosecco. For an additional fee of 160 CZK, you can order small snacks such as fruit and nuts. Please order your refreshments at least 2 days in advance.

other info .


We will take care of you, so you don’t really need to bring anything. You can use our towels and Cotton sheets, towels and lemon water are provided. Additional goods and services can be purchased at the reception.


Saunas are not suitable for people with cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Sauna can pose a risk to people suffering from shortness of breath and asthma. If you are allergic to any essential oils, check the oils used in each sauna room before you enter.


– cleanses and detoxifies your body
– boosts your immunity
– improves your sport performance
– aids recovery
– promotes healthier looking skin
– supports blood circulation
– reduces swelling
– relaxes muscular tension
– alleviates problems with breathing
– has a positive effect on mental health


Make sure that the area to be massaged is clean and that there are no unhealed wounds or sores, nor spots infected by any fungal, inflammatory or fungal diseases. Otherwise, you risk spreading the disease over a larger area of your skin, inflaming the wound or infecting the therapist. Surely you would like to prevent any of these issues.
We advise against massage if you have acute inflammation of the joints, varicose veins, febrile illness or if you suffer from extreme fatigue and exhaustion. If you are getting a massage of your stomach area, avoid eating prior to the treatment.
In other words, choose a massage that is appropriate for your current health condition. Choose the right massage and the intensity of the strokes. The massage therapist will help to assess the condition of the parts to be treated and their possible indisposition.


Wondering how to sauna correctly? What does the perfect sauna session look like?
Take a shower before your first entry, the sweating will be more intense. During your stay in the spa, drink regularly to increase the removal of sweat and ions from the body. We always have fresh water with lemon available. Take a sheet with you to the sauna for extra comfort and convenience. If you are not used to sauna sessions, don’t overdo the length, 10-15 minutes is usual. After the sauna, take a lukewarm shower and cool off in the pool or with a wooden bucket. Repeat this cycle ideally three times and then enjoy relaxing in the relaxation room or in the fresh air. After the last sauna session, add a lukewarm bath with our Bohéme Collection cosmetics for a pleasant feeling and to enhance the effect of your stay in our Spa Zone.


To ensure health and safety, we ask all guests to adhere to the following regulations:
1. Before entry, please put your shoes in the shoe cabinet, and enter barefoot or in slippers provided for this purpose.
2. It is not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages or food on the premises of the spa, with the exception of snacks purchased at the reception desk.
3. When leaving the spa, please place the linens you used (sheet, towel) in the laundry basket located under the sink in the changing rooms.
4. You can book a massage and sauna at the reception desk or at the spa.
5. Please note that guests are only allowed to enter the spa area after arranging this at the hotel reception desk.
6. Spa opening hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 – 21:00 and Monday, Wednesday, Friday 14:00 – 21:00. Changes in operating hours are subject to change by the provider.
7. A private spa can be booked during the day until 23:00 by making arrangements at the hotel reception desk.
8. Children must be at least 6 years of age to use the spa. Children under the age of 15 are only allowed when accompanied by a person over the age of 18.
9. We ask all the guests to shower in the changing rooms before entering the spa. You can also use the outdoor shower during the summer months when the terrace is open. Please go barefoot or wear slippers in the spa area.
10. We reserve the right to deny entry to persons who have consumed alcohol, are intoxicated, or have any skin or hair conditions or are suffering from a contagious disease.
11. In all areas of the spa, please do not make noise, run, or otherwise put the safety and health of your own and other guests at risk.
12. Please do not use any shampoos, body soaps, and other cosmetic products, which may cause increased foaming in the whirlpools.
13. Guests who cause damage to the spa equipment will be required to pay the operator for any such damage.
14. There is a no-swimsuit policy in the spa. You will be provided with a sheet and towel and you can also rent a bathrobe (rental fee 80 CZK) and buy slippers.
15. Drinks, which can be purchased at the reception desk, can be taken into the spa. These drinks are served in plastic containers.
16. Guests are responsible for keeping the time they have purchased the services of the spa. Guests are also responsible for any injuries to themselves or others.
17. In the event of an accident or any other sudden health-threatening event, the guests must immediately contact the spa staff or the receptionist.
18. Visitors are asked to save water, energy and be mindful when using the spa facilities.
19. In case of violation of these regulations, visitors may be asked to leave the premises without the right to fee compensation.
20. The Kapka resort spa is a public facility and there are some inherent dangers, such as drowning, slipping on wet surfaces or injury. We therefore ask visitors to observe all warnings, operating instructions and common courtesy for their own safety.

our therapists .

Mgr. Barbora Jurová

Více o mně

Education: Master’s in Physical Education and Health Education

– Sports / Relaxation Massage therapist
– AromaTouch therapist
– Taping and Flossing physiotherapeutic applications
– Cupping for pain relief
– Red Cord suspension exercise (Neurac 1)

I use a holistic approach in my work with clients. I apply different exercise techniques and tap into various areas of therapeutic knowledge. Let’s meet in one of my group classes – circuit training, rehabilitation exercise, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), morning flow, functional training, tabata and also in individual training sessions.

Michal Žabčík


– Sports and Relaxation Massage therapist
– Cupping for pain relief
– Kinesio Taping
– Lymphatic drainage
– Elements of Chinese medicine
I have been a massage therapist since 2017. I have worked with VHK Vsetín ice hockey players and in the Bílá ski resort area, where I learnt a lot. I am currently studying traditional Chinese medicine.

Šárka Kořístková

about me

– Sportovní a relaxační masáže
– Baňkování

Zajímám se o esenciální oleje a jejich využití v ájurvédské medicíně. Vyrábím aromatické oleje a náramky zdobené minerály podle data narození, které si zakoupíte na recepci. Studuji přírodní medicínu.

Radana Mendis


Education: Regeneration and Nutrition in Sports and Sports Management (Masaryk University, Brno)

– Dorn Method
– Breuss massage
– Kinesio Taping
– AromaTouch therapy
– Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage through the feet
– Lymphatic Taping
– Prenatal massage and taping
I look forward to seeing you when you come in for a massage, AromaTouch therapy or for my exercise class for seniors.

Masáže Vsetín

Barbora Němčíková


– Sports and relaxation massages
– Cupping
– Maderotherapy

I gained my knowledge in a massage school in Piestany, Slovakia. I focus on connecting the body and mind. In harmony with nature I perceive the body as a whole.

I will be looking forward to seeing you during maderotherapy, which is unusual. It is a special massage technique with wooden rollers. I will be happy to design a massage according to your needs.

private spa .

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