ice rink .

Ice rink

Ice rink sports and activities are an integral part of the Kapka resort. Our ice rink is here for professional athletes as well for ice skating or ice hockey enthusiasts. The public, especially children, attend different clubs and training sessions with us, and the general public comes to have fun on the ice. Take a look at the current schedule and find the right time slot for your party on the ice.

+420 737 676 007 (MON–FRI: 8:00–16:00) 

+420 601 540 571 in case of renting the ice RINK


SHARPENING: MON–FRI: 12:00–20:00, SAT–SUN: 9:00–12:00


opportunities to use
the ice rink.

general public .

Your skates are meant to be used. Take advantage of our weekend ice skating sessions for the public. We can sharpen your ice skates and, in case you don’t own a pair, you can rent some from us!



Ice skating for schools .

Kapkáč (pronounced Cup-cutch:), the mascot of the ice rink, is ready to welcome young ice skaters to the ice rink. Kapka resort has customized courses for kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools. These are basically group skating lessons for children of different ages and skill levels, provided by our qualified and experienced instructors.

ice rink
rentals .

Organize a theme party, a private training session, an unconventional celebration or a teambuilding event at the ice rink with your family, friends or colleagues. We’ll provide the lighting, music and refreshments of your choice all right in the ice rink, if you like. You can party and exercise at the same time – be unconventional!

Ice skating with the hockey stick .

If you want to have some fun with the puck and the hockey stick, our public ice hockey skating sessions might be right for you!


Amateur ice hockey
training .

Ice hockey practice lessons for non-professional players are designed for ice hockey enthusiasts interested in honing their skills. These lessons take place under the guidance of our experienced coach Tomáš Vávra, a holder of the ice hockey “B” coaching license, who employs modern training aids to help players push their limits. We provide goalies for these practice sessions, and you can also join the circuit training right before the practice in the yoga room at 19:00.


Ice skating

The Kapka skating school is open to children and adults alike. The whole family can work on improving their ice skating skills with the help of our skating instructors. You can register by email to



ice hockey
training camps .

We have everything you need to hold a training camp, be it for one or for multiple days. In addition to top quality ice rink facilities, we can arrange all-day menus/meals around the clock, accommodation, outdoor pitches (a grass football pitch, a multi-functional pitch with an artificial surface), an extensive fitness area (a gym, a cardio zone and a yoga room) as well as therapy services such as massage, physiotherapy, cryotherapy and a spa.

figure skating camps.

Figure skaters enjoy the same full service as ice hockey skaters. We have state-of-the-art facilities, so you don’t have to freeze all day in old ice rinks anymore. Thanks to the high-quality insulation of our arena, we can set the temperature of the ice rink as you need (usually warmer than for ice hockey practice) and maintain it for the duration of your training camp.

Bauer shop .

The Bauer shop is located in the Kapka resort lobby, and features a full range of ice hockey equipment for players of all ages and levels. The opening hours can be modified to fit games and events at the ice rink.

+420 703 14 52 52

MON–FRI: 11:00–18:00 | SAT: 9:00–18:00 | SUN: 14:00–18:00


useful information .  


 Enter the ice rink at your own risk!


~ Wear a helmet, especially if you are a child. If you don’t have a helmet,  you can rent one from us.

~ Thick gloves, knee pads and elbow pads help to prevent injury


lost and found

If you leave something behind, we save it for you. Look for your items at the lost and found in the Bauer shop or at the counter next to the shop.


For safety reasons, we do not allow ice hockey sticks during public ice skating sessions. If you love skating with the stick, join us for ice skating with the hockey stick.


We have training aids for ice skating for your children. Feel free to use the plastic orange goals to help your child stand up on the ice.

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