Payment methods and benefit programmes .

How can you pay?

At KAPKA Resort, you can pay in cash, by credit card and with ebenefit cards (for selected services).


VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, UnionPay, JCB, American express, G Pay, Apple  


benefit cards

Edenred, Up, Sodexo can be used for wellness, fitness, yoga lessons, physiotherapy, massages.



Edenred, Up, Sodexo can be redeemed in our restaurant.


Meal vouchers

Ticket Restaurant (Edenred), 
Gastro Pass, (Sodexo), 
Chèque Déjeuner stravenka (Up) 

You can redeem these meal vouchers together with meal voucher ecards in our restaurant.

Benefit vouchers for wellness, fitness, yoga, physiotherapy, massage

Edenred Compliments, Edenred Holiday, Edenred Medica, Edenred Multi, Edenred Sport & Kultura, Edenred Benefits Card (Edenred) 

Flexi Pass, , Fokus Pass, Dárkový Pass, Flexi Pass card (Sodexo) 

Cadhoc, Unišek, Unišek+, Unišek+ FKSP (Up) 

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